Welcome to Khmer Angkor, where our aim is to provide you with Cambodia’s greatest Authentic dishes made using our own home-Grown Aromatic herbs. Our family loves freshly grown vegetables and have always had a big Vegetable Garden that Our parents look after at home ever since we migrated here in Ch-Ch in 1992. In that time it was very hard to find Khmer ingredients from local supermarkets, so we turned to growing what we can ourselves and it has become a tradition for our family to have a vegetable garden.

Enjoy an explosion of Cambodian flavours at Khmer Angkor restaurant! Bringing the true taste of Khmer cuisine to North Canterbury , our family-owned restaurant is the perfect choice for food-lovers wanting an exotic dining experience.

Renowned for using fresh produce and home grown herbs from our vegetable garden, Khmer Angkor fuse our time old Cambodian recipes with quality New Zealand ingredients. Whether you prefer subtle spice or fiery flavours, our menu offers a tantalising array of stir fries, soups, salads, and noodle and rice dishes to choose from.

Start the meal with some tasty deep-fried spring rolls, or dive straight into a traditional noodle soup infused with lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves.

Love satay dishes? Try our supreme satay chicken with homemade peanut sauce, or go for the vegetarian satay with seasonal vegetables and rice.

Rice is important to Khmer diets as it is the most Stable food for Cambodians and this is the reason why it is consumed for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

The reason why our Noodle Soups (KUY TEAW) are made with Rice-noodles and plays a very important Breakfast or Brunch meal for the people and is considered as a real treat.

It is refreshing, soothing and also very filling, we recommend that you should try our Noodle soups and experience the most popular Noodles Soup Dish Both in Cambodia and in Khmer Angkor Restaurant.

Although we believe that all our meals are thoroughly thought through to ensure we are offering the greatest of all Khmer cuisine, Satay is definitely another popular dish which is also becoming more and more popular to Locals and our Home-Made peanut sauce just tops it up! Yum!!

We hope that you will enjoy your Dish and hope that you will try them all out and support us in providing you with many more great meals. Be sure to visit our Facebook Page and share your experiences with us.

With a menu that satisfies almost all dietary requirements, head to Khmer Angkor for a tasty evening out! Found 30 minutes north of Christchurch in Kaiapoi.

Or-Kun (Thank you in Khmer)

Amit Tripathi

Amit Tripathi

Assistant Manager

His duty is a full control over the kitchen and the staff, as well as responsibility for food’s quality.

Rom Seng

Rom Seng

Head Chef/ Managing Director

Rom is the most experienced chef in our culinary team. She has had 10 years experienced in Cambodian art of Cooking especially on the woks and enjoys the fusion cooking of South East asian cuisine. Now she has 2 Kitchen Staff to assist her. They help her cook our dishes as good as only possible